Our range of Gliders:

 Logo Bird Trekking Parapentes

High-end performance with rod reinforced shark nose

Bird Trekking couleur rouge noir lime

logo senso 2016 200 bleu

Performance without stress

SENSO trekking parapentes bleu blanc lime

logo sport 2016 200 red

Thinner lines and lighter fabric than the Senso for a sportier feel.

Trekking sport 2016 rouge blanc orange



Ultra lightweight hike and fly

Trek trekking parapentes

logo just one V2

 Our monosurface wing.

Just One Trekking Parapentes



Go anywhere tandem

B Bus Trekking parapentes


In 2017 - TREKKING presents the BIRD, a marriage of advanced technology and flying pleasure.


En 2016 - TREKKING moves manufacturing of its gliders to FRANCE.

As part of our commitment to doing business well, taking care of people and the planet.

In 2013 we made a first step by moving our production from Asia to Eastern Europe. Our aim was to reduce transport related pollution and costs.

Today we are manufacturing in France:

  • Further reduction in transport related pollution. 

  • We have total control over our production process.

  • And we're contributing more to the local economy.

Local in-house manufacturing raises costs slightly overall, but our prices are still keen - 25 to 30 % less than our competitors.

en 2016 trekking produit ses parapentes en France